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What's going on lately:
-My cat has been missing for a week now. I miss him :(
-There's an incredible car that I'm hoping to buy. 1994 Infiniti Q45, V8 engine, automatic, power everything, leather interior, and a hidden sunroof. Hopefully it's in my price range and the minor things we had problems with looking at it are fixable.
-I have to do pit percussion for band this year. No marchy for me. which leads into...
-I have mild arthritis in my knees, but apparently that's not the issue that's causing me lots of pain, so I have to see a specialist.
-Dr. Holderby has now taken a month and a half to "look into" my incomplete grade for her class, and I haven't heard a word since. I'm very, very angry.
-I go back to school in one month! I'm excited but terrified about doing pit since I have no experience AT ALL. Silly Aaron made me afraid that everyone in the pit is gonna hate me for it.
-Me & Aaron's 6 month anniversary is on Sunday :D
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I have not updated this in so incredibly long.

I think the reason is because I generally post for myself - after all, I only have one person on my friend's list, and so I'm really talking to myself. Which, when you think about it, makes me kind of odd to be talking to myself as if someone else is actually listening.

Oh well.

Now that Phil and I have quit sleeping together, we've hung out 3 times this week, and had a lot of fun. Flirting, and a bit of cuddling (but nothing over the line) and going to meals and such. It's a lot of fun, and I'm just sad that we couldn't reach this point sooner. I'm now totally okay with him dating his girlfriend, because I'm totally over him and just want him to be happy. I'm sort of afraid that Aaron's going to get the wrong impression of us hanging out together so much, but I think I explained it well enough the other night that he won't have a problem with it. After all, I could very well have decided to stay on the side with Phil and not dated Aaron, and I didn't. I'd like to think that eases his mind about it.

In other news, I so seriously need to clean my room. I found a pair of pants under my bed (AFTER I started my laundry) and I lost my favorite pair of jeans. I've got clean clothes strewn about my room, along with garbage and books and gamecube things. I'm seirously considering cleaning now, except then I have to clean around things that aren't mine and that I can't really find a place for.

I'm going to pop in TTA and see if it motivates me to clean. Maybe Aaron will get back soon and I can convince him to help.
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In which Kaala gives away her first born child..

cuddlygamer: it'd kind of be like being a confessor, only without destroying their mind
party duk: uh huh
cuddlygamer: tell me you know what a confessor is and what i'm reference and i'll give you my first born child.
party duk: Sword of Truth?
cuddlygamer: indeed
cuddlygamer: you win this shiny soul of my firstborn!
party duk: so you'll give birth to an undead baby
party duk: nice
cuddlygamer: haha
cuddlygamer: well no
cuddlygamer: it's just that i'll give birth to a baby that belongs to you
party duk: if i wanted that, i could just sleep with you
cuddlygamer: haha
party duk: saves me a lot of trouble
cuddlygamer: well, it's all the... pleasure?... of a baby, without all the...pain?...of sleeping with me
cuddlygamer: that seems backwards....
party duk: no shit
cuddlygamer: haha
party duk: oh well, i dont want your baby
cuddlygamer: that's good
cuddlygamer: i'd kind of like to keep my firstborn
cuddlygamer: you'd probably eat it, anyway

We are such dorks.

New Year's Eve party.

3 shots spiced rum, 1 shot vodka, 1 glass wine, 1 shot jack daniels, 1 shot scotch, at least 6 double shots of bacardi 151 (and 2 of those doubles were in a row) 5 or 6 glasses of vodka punch, and one other type of alcohol that's been eluding me since I sobered up.

Drank myself almost under a table.. literally, I passed out on the floor next to a table on and off for 2 hours. Had a few blackout moments where all of a sudden I was somewhere and didn't know how I got there (outside in a bathrobe smoking at 1am, for instance), lost my sense of vision entirely, and in general was so totally smashed I don't think I knew my own name. Then once I sobered up enough to be able to walk again, I started drinking more spiked punch!

Yeah, I definitely went to work still buzzed today.

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You know, family mine, I love you dearly, but you really need to stop pawning every disease you come across off onto me. I don't appreciate it, especially since my immune system is as capable as a toddler driving a snowmobile and preoccupied as a valley girl in a jewelry store. Just stop doing it.

I hate being sick :( Stupid dogs are being retarded today, and I have chores that I'm not feeling up to doing, but if I don't do the chores then I can't very well leave the house if I can find someone to hang out with. In good news though, I go back to school in like 18 days (I am bad at mental math so that's an approximation) and a conversation with Phil made me incredibly happy last night and I can't wait to go out to school.

To end, some annoyance notes:
Dogs - yes there was a dog outside. Yes, you're all macho by barking at it through the window. No, I don't believe your show for one bit, Zeke, because when I let you out you cried at the door to come in upon seeing the other dog. Lena, you're a year and a half old. You've seen me shower a billion times. Why were you acting like you'd never seen a shower before in your life today?
Winter - I'm glad you finally realized that your form of precipitation is snow and not rain. Maybe next we can work on making the snow sticking, and on not making the door break so I have to fight to shut it.
Knee - It's snowing. S-n-o-w. Not rain. Why are you acting like it's raining? I wore my knee brace at work all night last night like a good little girl. Please stop hurting me.
Ovaries - Just die.
Phil - How am I supposed to get over you when every other conversation you say something so incredibly sweet that I go all gooey inside?

A run down of break and such.

Sunday I wrote a blog on myspace that only Phil could see, telling him my feelings for him and such, some things he already knew and some things he didn't because I couldn't tell him face to face. He was too drunk to properly talk about it. Oh, and I unlocked the final level in Mario Party 7.

Monday Ali was supposed to come over. I was supposed to make cookies. And do laundry. Phil and I were supposed to finish our talk. None of those happened, as I had the stomach flu. I slept all day.

Tuesday I had to get up at 7 for work. Pepto bismol makes your tongue turn black. Enter sufficiently freaked out Kaala and mother searching for "black tongue" on webmd hoping I don't have the plague, or something. Find out it's harmless, go to gramma's, sleep til 11, shower, eat, go to work. Was supposed to work 12-5, ended up working 12-830. Yay, getting paid to be at work instead of paying to be at school. Ben tells me he loves me. Finally talked to Phil at.. oh.. midnightish. The talk went well. He admits that he's stupid for not reciprocating my feelings (or some such). I rejoice a little, but not much, as this still means I've no chance in hell. Ah well. I go to bed at 2am.

Today. I wake up at 1pm when dad comes home for lunch. Phil tells me to quit smoking, I tell him I will when he does. He says he's quitting after new years, but he's actually switching to smoking a pipe, and I don't really think that's a fair deal on my end - me not smoking cigarettes in exchange for him smoking a pipe instead of cigarettes? I'll have to think about that one. Messed up my lunch. Started my laundry, did the dishes (ish.) Still haven't made cookies.

And now for some countdowns!

3 days: gramma's christmas party (and presents)
4 days: christmas eve (holiday pay?)
5 days: christmas (more presents!)
6 days: doctor's (finding out what's wrong with my ovaries? *crosses fingers*)
2ish weeks: jes comes up to visit me (I hope)
3 1/2ish weeks: back to school. oh the gaming. and so much cuddling. I miss my spork banana buddies.

I hate my computer.

For the record, I had a really long entry typed out, but netscape froze before I could enter it.

So here's the condensed version.

I gave my heart away to someone who doesn't want it, and now I can't get it back.

It sucks.